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Selasa, 18 Juni 2013

Top Expense Manager Apps Holidays

Top Expense Manager Apps for the Holidays

Top Expense Manager Apps for the Holidays Top Expense Manager Apps for the Holidays
The holidays are back! It is the time of the year that everybody loves for it is a time for indulgence. Whether it is over drinking, eating too much or overspending, there is no doubt that the holidays challenge people both physically and financially. With all the gifts, food and travel, expenses tend to boom during this time of the year. However, as fun as spending during the holidays might be, people must not forget to keep on budget and stop spending too much. People who make holidays an excuse to spend are usually those who end up broke when the bills come. To avoid that, remember to keep track of what you spend.

Frugal living, even on the holidays, always starts with keeping track of your expenses. Managing and keeping your expenses is a good eye opener as to whether you are overspending or not. Good thing, expense manager apps are now available on the market. These apps are a great help in keeping track of your spending anytime, anywhere. Compared to getting a notebook and pen, these apps are much easier to use so you won’t have any excuse not to use it.
Top Expense Manager Apps for the Holidays Top Expense Manager Apps for the Holidays

Here are five great expense manager apps that may be of great help of preventing you from being broke :

EasyMoney – Expense Manager by Handy Apps Inc.
Dubbed to be the top selling Android finance app, EasyMoney is a combination of an expense tracker and a budget planner. It also includes a checkbook manager and a bill reminder. All these features are packed in this app to accommodate all your financial management needs. It does not only aid in tracking expenses, it is also helpful in reminding you your budget. It is truly a simple yet really useful app.

Personal Finance Free by VJNEO
Personal finance is a great Android app which you can download for free. This is a personal finance hub that would surely assist you in tracking your expenses. Some of the great features of this app include a stock with after-hour, real-time and pre-market quotes, technical charts, currency portfolio, expense manager, loan calculator and many more. All these features are tightly packed in this android app to make sure you don’t spend too much.

T2Expense – Money Manager by T2Clever
For those looking for an app with a more professional feel, than T2Expense is the one to choose. This app includes an elegant interface along with its powerful features. This app aims to help users tracking their expenses and at the same time creating a budget planner. Their main features include an expense book, expense reports in Excel form, charts, currency converter, tip calculator and many more. It also allows users to take pictures of receipts, bar codes and voice inputs. This would surely supply all of your tracking money needs.

Expensify – Expense Reports
A slick, new and free way to manage your expenses, Expensify has all your financial management needs. It is a great app not only for business but also for individuals. Its main goal is to help you create an expense report from the receipts on your Evernote account. All you have to do is to take a picture of your receipt, it would be uploaded to your Evernote account and placed on Expensify. They then manage an expense report for you. Users can add comments and even send out the reports. No more stapled receipts and printed spreadsheets. Expense Manager by Bishinews For everyone who can’t handle daily finance, Expense Manager is there to help. This is a great app for it handles both the users’ expenses but also their income. It tracks expenses and income by week, month or year. It also helps in scheduling payments and taking pictures of receipts. You can also set your budget by day, month or year. It also features convenient tools like a calculator, tip calculator, credit card calculator and many more.

Top Expense Manager Apps for the Holidays

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