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Senin, 10 Juni 2013

Learn Web Programming Languages For A Better Career

Learn Web Programming Languages for a Better Career

Learn Web Programming Languages for a Better Career Learn Web Programming Languages for a Better Career
There are plenty of methods for web development available nowadays and budding professionals need to select the option that suits their background and needs. There are several frameworks, standalone applications as well as CMS platforms for developing content rich and professional websites. However, it is still very important to learn scripting languages. This is because many of these frameworks are based on basic scripting languages.

To excel in web development industry, a developer needs to learn at least 2-3 web programming languages. Your programming knowledge helps you create custom websites efficiently and keeps you ahead of other developers in the industry. After all, anyone with basic knowledge can develop a website with the help of a CMS, but it takes a true expert to create unique websites. Once you know various coding languages, you can easily create custom applications and widgets to amaze the viewers.

Different coders have different coding language preferences, and it’s impossible to say which one is the best. Here are a few popular programming languages that most professionals recommend. You can learn them one by one to increase your coding skills.

PHP - Hailed as a popular open source scripting language, PHP is liked and used by millions of developers all over the world. It is platform independent and that is why small and mid level design firms prefer PHP over other options. PHP is secure, integrates with major RDBMS systems and enjoys support of a huge online community. A number of popular online communities and sites including Facebook and Wikipedia have been made using PHP.

JavaScript - Despite advent of latest technologies, JavaScript has been able to retain its spot among web development veterans. In the early days of Internet, it was the only tool for creating interactive web pages. It is used in place of Flash by a majority of developers.

You can also consider developing skills in a JavaScript-based framework called JQuery. It requires developers write fewer lines of codes and helps them in creating cross browser compatible sites easily.

ASP.Net - Developers with skills in Microsoft technology and programming languages can opt for ASP.Net. It can be used in conjunction with Microsoft technologies and apps like VisualStudio.Net. It is used mostly in corporate environments. Big web developments firms with deep pockets can afford to use this. based applications can run in Windows website hosting setups.

Ruby - The demand of Ruby and its more popular framework named Ruby on Rails has soared in recent years in web development industry and lots of sites are being developed on this platform. This is a powerful object oriented language which gets interpreted by servers and thereafter it is sent to browsers as a HTML page. Development professionals like it for advantages like less coding requirements and rapid development. However, native server support can be an issue with it.

It all boils down to the same question, which language you should choose to pursue a prosperous career in this industry ? As a beginner, it would be good to try open source languages with less learning curve. However, programmers with background in Microsoft apps and languages can choose ASP.Net. as well.

Learn Web Programming Languages for a Better Career

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